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Public Reading of my Upcoming Book, Mountain Medicine.

Hi, friends!

On Thursday, April 4, 2024, I reached a hard-won milestone. I read from my grad school thesis: the 300-page manuscript for my upcoming book, Mountain Medicine.

The book details my years living on a small West Virginia farm at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This rocky, verdant land became the backdrop for over fifteen years of my life. There, with the help of friends, the animals who shared the homestead with me, and the land itself, I healed from the loss of my husband, who had become addicted to prescription OxyContin and ultimately died from health complications of opioid addiction.

On this small parcel of land, I met the love of my heart--my Lakeland Terrier, Aengus McKee. I raised honey bees and chickens, had two goats for a while, and grew my food. I also learned about local medicinal plants and shared this knowledge with my community. I held drum and journey circles and nature-centric ceremonies that celebrate our connection with the Earth. I recovered from the trauma that too many Americans understand: the loss of a loved one to opioids.

Completing this book feels cathartic. Please enjoy the recording of two small scenes from my book if you feel so inclined. The image of the honey bee swarm (above) is the one I read about in the video. My next task is to find an agent and publisher for my story. Wish me luck!

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