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3D Original Art

This gallery features 3D original art. Most are SOLD unless noted. Click on each image for a full view. 

These pieces cause strong reactions in most people--they either love them or hate them--and they've earned several awards in local art shows. For me, these pieces give Nature a face, and it's harder to ignore something that looks back at us.  

I feel that climate change is the most crucial issue that humankind faces today, and art has always been a way to express the zeitgeist. My hope is that my art--both the serene, lovely paintings and the more response-provoking natural object sculptures--remind us that we are not the sole inhabitants nor the owners of our Earth home. My goal in giving a face to the animals and energies of the natural world is to remind us that our most crucial task, globally, is to work together to save our home. Science is providing us with data that proves it's already too late to stop the environmental crises ahead--and that data is frightening and overwhelming. I'd like to provoke a sense of wonder and admiration for the natural world that makes the hard work ahead feel worthy of our labors. It's hard to kill something we cherish.

 If you'd like to discuss a commission piece, please email me.  I'm nice. It'll be good.

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