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Magnolia and Bumble: A New Original Watercolor Painting

Happy holidays, friends. I hope 2023 offers you a peaceful landing as we welcome the light and longer days back into our busy lives. I am on break from grad school before heading into my final semester, which I expect to be exciting and exhausting. Meanwhile, I had a wonderful year of art sales (thank you) and need to catch up on painting.

This larger watercolor painting, "Magnolia and Bumble," is just completed. It is 14" x 18", and I plan to mount it on a wood cradled panel. I'll stain the panel's sides in a harmonious color that will allow the wood grain to show. I will coat the original painting in many layers of a UV protective spray varnish so that I don't need to frame the painting under glass--I feel the glare from glass hides the delicate details of watercolor paintings.

This painting uses only three colors: cool red, cool green, and cool yellow. All the colors in the painting were mixed from these three. I enjoy using a limited palette because I can vary the intensity and values of the colors, and the painting will still look harmonious. Sometimes, I've noted that using multiple colors straight from the tube (or pan) gives the painting a garish or cartoonish look.

You've told me you enjoy progress and studio photos, so here they are!

And here is a close-up of the little bumblebee.

The reference photos I used were my own. I also use reference photos from Unsplash. I love taking photos of plants and animals while I walk and kayak. Being outside is the inspiration for my artwork. Here are a few of the photos I used to paint this piece:

"Magnolia and Bumble" is offered for sale at $450.00 and will head to the Artisans Gallery on Howe in mid-January. Until then, you may purchase it from me online with free shipping and insurance within the continental United States.

Thank you so very much for your kind words and purchases in 2023. I cannot express how grateful I am. I wish you a happy, healthy, and abundant 2024!




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