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"Lowcountry Queen" Gets a Makeover

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Every eight weeks, one of the galleries in which I exhibit, the Artisans Gallery on Howe, switches out all the art on the walls for a fresh look. It's so fun to wander around the gallery after the switch-out day and see all the creativity and talent hanging on those walls.

This month, I switched out my 3D wall sculpture Lowcountry Queen for Forest King. These pieces are part of my 3D series of lighted wall hangings made from natural, found materials. I've been creating these for over twelve years now, and I've noted that people either love them or hate them--there are few neutral reactions. That's great--it is what art is intended to do, to make us take notice! I create these pieces to give our Earth a face that looks back at the viewer. Our planet is alive, and she is in danger. This is my small way of asking the world to see her.

This is Forest King, approximately 36" x 24", made from tree bark, shells, fur, dried plants, fungi, stones, and insects. He is on display now and is available for local purchase.

So, I took Lowcountry Queen home and hung her on my wall. As I gazed at her, I thought she needed a bigger crown. I put her in my studio and pondered it for several days. Unlike my 2D watercolors, it takes me a lot of inner processing to build my 3D pieces. Sometimes, inspiration even comes to me in my dreams, which is quite exciting. Her initial crown was made from shelf mushrooms, and it was pretty but hard to see when hanging on the wall. Here is version #1 of Lowcountry Queen. You can barely see her crown!

The base of this piece is, by the way, a cow skull that was given to me almost ten years ago. Many think it is a horse skull, but note the horn buds at the top. It's a cow, I promise. It seems to matter to some--you know, that hierarchical thing we humans do, where a dog is somehow more sacred than a snake, for example. I like all the critters and am honored to create art from them.

I began to fashion her a new crown over the next few days. The Muse arrived, and as my creative friends know, you run with it when the Muse shows up! By the time I felt she was done, Lowcountry Queen had undergone a makeover. She got a new crown of saw palmetto fronds and pinecones, but I also added a little bling with freshwater pearls and dried flowers. Finally, I got out my Dremel and carved her a few ornaments along her eyes and forehead. Here she is: Lowcountry Queen, all dressed up. What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

This piece is approximately 18" x 30" and includes a multicolor, multi-mode, remote-controlled light kit. It makes a fabulous nightlight. $475

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My friend, you are such an amazing artist and an inspiration to me, in countless ways. ❤️

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