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Art Show Award

Hi friends and art lovers, I'm so excited to share that my two entries in the Franklin Sqaure Gallery Summer Show both won awards!

Artisits were allowed to enter two pieces into this juried show. "Juried" means that each entry must be accepted into the show by the curators--and not every piece gets in. There were so many stunning pieces entered and juried in. I entered "Boat-tailed Grackle" as a 2D piece, and "Forest King" as a 3D offering.

I was traveling when I received two separate voicemails from different people at the gallery, informing me that both my 2D and 3D pieces had won the Dinah Snead Memorial Award. I figured there was a mistake--surely both pieces could not receive the same award?

I called back and yes indeed--both pieces won! The representative from the gallery explained to me that the late Dinah Snead had been a long-time member of the Franklin Square Gallery, and that her pottery was always nature-centric and nature-inspired. Her family wanted to offer awards for three pieces that reflected Dinah's love of nature. I was so honored, but the best was yet to come.

At the award ceremony, I got to speak with Dinah's husband, daughter, and son-in-law. They told me about Dinah's walks in nature and her habit of bringing home natural objects that caught her artistic eye. Her daughter teared up while sharing Dina's story. What a delight for me. Dinah and I surely would have had a lot to talk about.

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