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Mini Originals--Spring has Sprung!

Gosh, I'm so glad that spring has arrived. Has it seemed to you like a long winter?

I recently sat down at my art table to refresh my offerings at the Artisans Gallery on Howe. Here are the items I've painted to celebrate spring's arrival!

These Chonky Chicks are 4" x 4" watercolors for $29 each, and Spring Bumbles are 5x7 watercolors for $48 each.

These are fast, loose watercolor original paintings perfect for spring birthdays, Easter baskets, and seasonal decor. I sell so many of these mini watercolors! You get original art for your art-loving friends and family, and I have fun in my studio with these quick little gems.

Sometimes, people get a little confused about my offerings. One friend saw a painting on my social media and expressed an interest, thinking the painting, which was pretty small at 8" x 10", might be the same price as a $48 or $50 mini. But the painting she liked was $349. So, what gives?

A mini original from my studio is a small, single-layer watercolor. These are fast, and I often paint several at once to keep the cost low. The maximum size of these mini originals is 5"x7" and 6"x6". The smallest is 4"x4".

A small original watercolor is a multi-layered watercolor under 8"x 10". Painting in multiple layers, where the paint dries between each layer, is how watercolor achieves its rich, multidimensional properties. Painting in this way takes time, experience, and planning. These paintings cost $60 and up.

An original watercolor is 8"x 10" or larger and painted in multiple layers, as described above. Depending on their size and presentation (framed or matted), these paintings cost $100 and up to several hundred dollars.

Thanks for your curiosity--I'm always happy to answer your questions!

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