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Writer, Visual Artist, Nature Lover.

Hello! I'm Kristen Dorsey,

published writer and

award-winning 2D

and 3D visual artist.

Color Stain
Kristen Dorsey Artist

Photo by Tad Stinson

Fountain pen
LG Heron 8x10.jpg

Featured Work
My Latest Originals
Visit my work on display in picturesque Southport, North Carolina at the Artisans Gallery and the Intracoastal Realty gallery. You can find both galleries on Howe Street, near the waterfront.

Southern Magnolia.jpg
Magnolia and Bumble

14x18 watercolor

No glass/no glare framing


Forest King

36x90 natural object sculpture

Includes light kit and remote. Hangs on a wall.


Tiny Coquina RAW.jpg
Tiny Coquina

8x10 watercolor

No glass/no glare framing



Blue Jay Launch

8x10 watercolor

No glass/no glare framing


Blue Jay Launch

16x20 watercolor

No glass/no glare framing

Currently NFS

Prints Available

Additional Services

  • Digital media creation & management for websites and social media.

  • Ghostwriting for blogs and websites.

  • Fine art commissions

  • Private and semi-private art lessons.

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